We have seen countless times where business owners often forego personal savings to start and grow their businesses.  The costs of opportunity can include the use of retirement accounts, business loans and sacrificing time with your family.  We understand the value of the business is extremely important to the future financial security of the principals, the employees and their families.  The I&E Planning process enables us to design and administer multiple solutions to meet the needs of you, your family and your business. Here is a high-level snapshot of how we get started.

  • Consulting to Establish Objectives
  • Custom Plan Design
  • Optimized Plan Funding
  • Participant Communication, Education, & Enrollment
  • Plan Administration

You’ll experience exceptional service, delivered seamlessly.  I&E Planning will work with your organization to provide comprehensive planning and financial solutions.  Whether it is a new project or you are interested in a second opinion, we are ready to help you.

I&E Discussion Points

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I&E Planning recognizes that business owners need support in assessing opportunities in the market. There are many moving parts in determining plan design, product selection, underwriting guidelines and the coordination of compliance.               

We have assembled an experienced team of internal and external professionals who are ready to help you navigate through the process.  By following a proven methodology, the team successfully business owners identify, develop and implement effective planning strategies. The planning process provides you with subject matter experts, carriers and alliance partners to with complex strategies.

Each plan we present is unique to you and your circumstances.  We work for you. Every person is unique, each plan is unique, which means your next step will depend on what stage of the process you’re in. Awareness, Concept, Discovery, Design, & Implementation are just a few of the business planning processes.

Where will the money come from?  Optimized plan funding means we will show you what needs to be done and the recommended source of funding to grow your business.  

One of the challenges associated with successfully engaging benefit plan participants is figuring out your audience's preferences. Understanding a participant's behavior is the key to successful engagement.  We provide friendly and useful experiences which makes the decision-making process less intimidating and more enjoyable.